Giving Back: Supporting Lower Cape Fear LifeCare

We are excited to announce that our Business Development Director, Andrew Cooke, has been appointed to lead the Business Giving Committee for Lower Cape Fear LifeCare’s Sharing the Journey Capital Campaign. Andrew’s dedication to LifeCare is deeply personal, stemming from his experience with their compassionate support during his grandfather’s end-of-life care in 2006. Reflecting on this, Andrew says, “Seeing the strain on my parents and the incredible support from LifeCare left a profound impression. Everyone will at some point have a family member or loved one served by hospice care. The grace and empathy shown by LifeCare are truly amazing, and I’m excited to contribute to this important campaign.” For those interested in supporting the campaign, Andrew encourages you to reach out to him directly or see the contact information below.

Since its founding in 1980, Lower Cape Fear LifeCare has been a beacon of compassion and comfort for those facing life-limiting illnesses, serving over 1,000 patients daily. As we look toward the future, the Sharing the Journey campaign aims to raise $12 million to sustain and expand vital programs and services. Here’s a snapshot of the campaign’s key components:

LifeCare Memory Partners: With dementia on the rise, this program provides specialized care and resources to individuals with dementia and their families, ensuring they receive the support they need as our population ages.

Care Centers: Our in-patient care centers are essential to providing compassionate end-of-life care. Over the next three years, we plan to upgrade and renovate these facilities to meet evolving needs and maintain the highest standards of safety and comfort.

Supportive Programming: Beyond medical care, our services address the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of patients through initiatives like Palliative Care, Charity Care, We Honor Veterans, Bucket List Wishes, and Grief Services. Sustaining these programs is crucial for our mission.

LifeCare Scholars: As the elderly population grows, so does the need for skilled hospice professionals. Through training and continuous professional development, we aim to equip our team to provide exceptional care in the coming years.

We invite you to join us in supporting Lower Cape Fear LifeCare’s mission. Your partnership can make a significant impact on our community’s ability to offer high-quality, compassionate care. To discuss membership in the LifeCare Partners program and explore ways you can contribute, please contact the Lower Cape Fear LifeCare Foundation at 910-796-7900,, or visit our webpage at