Matthew C. Meyerhoeffer

Director, Preconstruction Services

Matthew is our director of preconstruction services. He graduated from East Carolina University with a bachelor of science and a minor in business administration. His extensive knowledge led him to work for Bill Clark Homes, Mckee Homes, and H & H Homes. Matthew’s 10 years in construction and eight years in preconstruction have been crucial to the growth of McKinley’s business. Matthew makes a great effort to give back and participate in his community by working with the local YMCA and his church.

Utilizing the skills and experiences he acquired both in school and in his professional career, Matthew now prides himself in contributing to the strong communication between subcontractors and vendors to ensure the customer’s experience is as timely and cost-efficient as possible. He devotes himself daily to ensure his customers are getting the best prices possible along with the highest quality. Matthew believes that clear communication, hard work, being a team player, and paying close attention to detail are all skills that are critical to a strong organization.

Besides his accomplishments at work, he is most proud of his family and winning his football fantasy league back to back years in a row! When he’s not in the office or field, Matthew and his family are outside. They are avid campers, traveling all over the country to camp, hike, and kayak. They have been to 12 different states to camp, and plan on many more.