Brunswick Forest Medical Offices-New Hanover Regional Medical Center

Posted on 10/25/2013 in Testimonials

 BFMO-NHRMC –Urology/Internal Medicine Expansion Project

I’ve enjoyed working with McKinley during this expansion.  You all have been amazing and made my job so much easier not having to stay "on top” of Shannon or Chad.  They have been wonderful to work with, professional to the max, timely, considerate to other practices and patients and just all around a GREAT team who have done great work.  I have actually been bragging to our development team about how nice it has been to work with you all and we will definitely be considering you for future projects whether that be an up fit or even a developer building. I am truly glad to have had this opportunity to see what an amazing team you have at McKinley.  So again, thank you for making my life a little easier in having contractors that I can trust to do the job right...the first time around.

Thanks again!


Lannin E. Kerry Property Management

The Villages at Brunswick Forest

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